What is live edge furniture?

What is live edge furniture?

The term “live edge furniture” comes from how the wood is milled, which leaves the natural edge of the tree intact. Live edge furniture made with a single slab contains the original width of the tree it was milled from. You get a direct piece from nature that displays beautifully curved edges.

A live edge piece of furniture incorporates the unique, organic shape of the wood into the design. When logs are cut into slabs, typically, the natural edges of the wood underneath the bark are removed to create straight edges. However, with a live edge slab,  the edge of curvature is not sawn to preserve and showcase the raw look of the wood. Live edge wood can be utilized in many ways of furniture, to bring a look that is both rustic and one-of-a-kind. 

Live edge design is a unique and beautiful way to show off the character of the wood. A coffee table can be more than just a piece of furniture; it can tell the story of the tree it came from. The history of the tree is uncovered in its growth lines, seasonal patterns, and stress points. Every detail about the tree is celebrated in live edge design, from its knots and twists to imperfections.

Live edge furniture is created from singular pieces of wood, so you can be confident that your table, mantelpiece, desk, or shelf is one-of-a-kind. And since they require many hours of labor by various craftsmen to create, they are truly works of art! 

Live edge furniture takes care of the environment 

More of each tree is used when making live edge products, generating less waste overall. The knobbly bits that would normally make the wood unusable for traditional furniture are an asset in this instance! So in a sense, fewer trees are needed to create the same amount of product. Not only does selecting reclaimed barn wood to keep materials out of the landfill and lessen the dependency on virgin lumber, but it also preserves historical structures by breathing new life into old barns.

Live edge pieces age more gracefully than other furniture because they’re usually made with solid hardwood instead of plywood or veneers. Also, live edge furniture is less likely to go out of style, making it a great investment for your home.

Is live edge expensive?

Since live edge products are rare and take more time to create than standard woodcuts, they cost more. They can’t be mass-produced because each slab is cut to the same length as the log it came from. Every live edge item is a unique work of art. So it is worth every penny.

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Live Edge Furniture and its Basic Facts