Types of Kitchen Cabinets

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If you have decided to upgrade your kitchen, one of the first things you will want to consider is the style of your kitchen cabinets. You can choose from four main types of cabinet construction, each with its own benefits and drawbacks. These include:

Shaker-style cabinets: This type of cabinet is very popular, and is a great choice for a contemporary kitchen. The simple lines and clean design of this cabinet are ideal for modern kitchens. There are a variety of shaker styles, from classic to sleek. Typically, a Shaker cabinet is made of five pieces of flat panel. Each segment of the door has a simple flat panel with a simple edge and minimal ornamentation. They are typically finished with light colors or simple paint to maintain the natural look of the wood.

Beaded inset cabinetry: Another type of face-framed cabinet, beaded inset cabinetry features uniform beading and rounded edges inside the wood. It can be attached to the face frame, or drilled out of it. Generally, the drawer fronts are inset, meaning that they sit directly into the face frame.

Particle board: For a more durable cabinet, particle board is an ideal material. Because it is composed of polymer resins, it is water-resistant and can withstand scratches and other damage. Compared to plywood, the tolerances for particleboard screw fasteners are tighter.

Solid wood: Usually, solid wood cabinets are expensive, and they can be difficult to maintain. Wooden cabinets are prone to scuffs and stains. To prevent the appearance of scuffs, consider a satin finish instead of a matte one. Also, remember to polish the cabinets regularly. However, solid wood is more prone to warping from moisture, and this makes it a less-than-ideal choice for kitchens that will be remodeled frequently.

Frameless: Cabinets that are frameless have doors that are mounted on the side or on the bottom of the cabinet. This allows the drawer boxes to be sized to the interior opening. Unlike face-frame cabinets, frameless cabinetry is also minimalist in style.

Ready-to-assemble (RTA): RTA cabinets come ready to assemble. They are usually shipped to the residence and include instructions and parts. Manufacturers can also provide replacement components.

Kitchen cabinets are an essential part of any kitchen, and choosing the best style for your home can be a daunting task. Thankfully, there are plenty of different kitchen cabinets to choose from, and you can even order them online! Many companies offer free samples of the door fronts to see before you make your final purchase. Even if you don’t buy them right away, the fronts are often refundable.

If you are still confused about which kitchen cabinet style to choose, take a look at some of these tips to help you find the perfect cabinet for your home. From shaker to high-gloss, there are plenty of ways to dress up the kitchen while maximizing its function and value.

A full-height cabinet will give you the most storage space and create a dramatic vertical look. Depending on how much room you have, a tall cabinet may require customizing.