The Benefits of Custom Kitchen Cabinets

The Benefits of Custom Kitchen Cabinets

There are several advantages to having custom kitchen cabinets made, such as being able to choose your materials and designs, increased durability, and so on. They will typically cost more than purchasing semi-custom or stock kitchen cabinets from a store but in most instances, it is worth the investment, especially if this is for your Home kitchen. The key is understanding if you require extra features that can only be achieved with custom cabinetry or if modified versions of standard units would suffice for your needs. It’s also possible to use a mix of both stock and custom elements when remodeling your kitchen as a way to cut costs without sacrificing too much in terms of design choice.

But first, what’s the difference between custom-made and pre-fabricated, stock kitchen cabinets?

Custom cabinetry is made to order in your kitchen as opposed to being built off-site and sold as pre-fab cabinets. The term ‘custom’ doesn’t always equate to mean ‘better,’ as people often assume; it just depends on the sourcing of materials, installation, and other factors. That said, custom cabinets are usually the pricier option because they’re designed specifically for you and often include higher-quality woodwork and craftsmanship. There are two main types of cabinetry: stock and semi-custom. Stock cabinets are built in advance based on standard sizes, while semi-custom cabinets are only partially complete when ordered. Semi-custom cabinets include unfinished elements that can be customized to your preference before installation.

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Now, let’s go over the main benefits of custom cabinets

  • Personalized kitchen cabinets to meet any style, needs, and size: Custom cabinets are usually more pricey because they match your specific wants like design, cooking habits, and storage needs. They’re also great for oddly shaped kitchens! On the other hand, stock cabinets try to be average and fit everyone’s needs but don’t often succeed. If you want something original that’ll use space efficiently go for custom cabinets.
  • Cabinets made to fit any kitchen: Is your kitchen an odd shape, or abnormally small or large? One of the worst things that can happen during your kitchen remodel is to find out that the stock kitchen cabinets you purchased do not fit properly. This can set back a kitchen remodel for months. This is never an issue with custom cabinets because they are built to fit your specific kitchen measurements.
  • You choose the material: Not only can you choose the wood, style, and finish of your custom kitchen cabinets, but also the hardware. With stock or semi-custom cabinets, your options are much more limited. When you’re able to select the details that go into your cabinets, though, your kitchen becomes a truer representation of you.
  • Get all the storage space you need: Stock cabinets are usually made to fit the average kitchen, which often leaves wasted spaces where the cabinets don’t properly fit. With custom cabinets, however, any size can be ordered to prevent wasted areas and provide maximal storage.
  • Better Quality: Though custom cabinets are more expensive, they last longer than stock cabinets. This is because stock cabinets are mass-produced on an assembly line while each custom cabinet is made by hand, one at a time. Custom cabinet joints are intricate and use dowels or mortise-and-tenons while stock cabinets usually employ weak glues and nails. In the long run, paying extra for custom craftsmanship pays off with stronger cabinets that also increase your home’s resale value.

Now that you know all the benefits custom-made kitchen cabinets bring, give us a call! And one of our experienced team members will be happy to assist you in making the right decision based on your style, needs, and budget!

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