Our Services

Our Services


At Vakari Creation we have a team of expertly skilled craftsmen. Their extensive experience in manufacturing makes them specialists in residential, commercial and hospitality furnishings.

The options are limitless in what we can create. Enhancing woods natural beauty takes is our only desire. We take great pride in enhancing your living and work spaces. For those who crave unique one-of-a-kind authentic pieces of art.

We get our inspiration from nature’s splendour- which is reflected in the design of every piece we create. It is also very important to us to stay current with live edge furniture trends- ensuring you are on the cutting edge of style.

Our primary focus has always been; to offer premium quality and unique woods from beautiful BC, also all around the world. We give exceptional all-in-one service and expert knowledge to designers, contractors and wood enthusiasts. Customers can contact us with an idea they have, then our team will work closely with you to develop a masterpiece.


Our slabbing mill has been precisely designed for cutting large timber. It has the capacity to cut a slab up to 60” in width. From designer counter tops to boardroom tables- our machine allows us to get the most out of the valuable timber that has been recovered. We can then preserve the smooth and natural edges of the timber slabs.

Kiln Drying

Our company uses the 10,000 BF Hardwood dehumidifier Nyle System Kiln.  The Nyle System Kiln is best known for their innovative dehumidification dry kiln systems, which are the most energy efficient.

All our wood slabs are kiln dried at our mill to guarantee timber stability in your home environment. We measure the moisture content from the deeper layers of the wood slab to assure a moisture content of 8% or less. This process ensures stability so that the wood will not warp, cup or crack after treatment. Drying is an intricate process and it requires constant monitoring by a kiln drying specialist. Drying time varies by species and by size of the slab. The correct kiln drying is the key to our custom furniture lasting for generations.


Our mission is to make purchasing wood slabs easier and more affordable. We are your most direct source of hardwood slabs. We gather the wood ourselves; we mill it and ship directly from our workshop to your home. We are vertically integrated, giving us the ability to produce our own products, which results in lower costs and wholesale rates.

When you order, you can be assured that you will receive only the highest quality wood slabs.

We keep in stock a vast selection of the most beautiful live edge BC timber and unique woods from around the world. Which we treat and kiln dry, ensuring the stability and optimum moisture content (8% or less) for all wood slabs.
We carry a vast variety of slabs which include: Walnut, Hard Maple, Sycamore, London Plane, Black Locust, Jatoba, Wenge, Beech, African Mahogany, Birch, Padauk, Teak, Ash, Tulip, Douglas Fir, Elm, Oak and Cherry.   Our Slabs are kiln dried with 2-4” rough thickness. Each of our slabs are unique in its shape and size, so please call us to discuss our varying stock.