Live Edge Furniture and its Basic Facts

Live Edge Furniture and its Basic Facts

Live edge is a term given to wood that has been cut without removing the natural edge on at least one side. This provides the furniture with more character than traditional wooden tables and leaves the knots and cracks in the wood as beautiful features. Live edge designs are perfect for anyone who wants to bring a piece of nature into their home. Functional furniture made from live edge designs can help you bring the outdoors into your home. Live edge tables are handcrafted by experienced woodworkers who have spent years perfecting their craft. The table is cut, sanded, and finished by hand to create a top-quality work of art. Each live edge table is an original, one-of-a-kind piece. There are many options available when choosing your table, including the species and type of wood, colors, and more.

What to look for in a live edge piece of furniture?

  • Slab: A wood slab freshwater from the tree is cut lengthwise and usually has a live edge on both sides, making it the most traditional option for coffee and dining room tables.
  • Slices: Wood slices, or tree rounds, are horizontally cut from the tree and include a live edge. The growth rings around the slice give it character and make it perfect for side tables.
  • Burl: Burl wood is often very expensive due to its beautiful grain patterns and interesting, bumpy edges. Some trees have a large rounded outgrowth called a burl, which is where this type of wood comes from. 
  • Features and Traits
  • Bowties: Bowties, also known as butterflies, are inlaid pieces of wood that prevent cracks in the tabletop from getting wider.
  • Bark o no bark? Depending on the table and wood type, the craftsman will either leave bark or remove it. More often, though, they take off the bark and sand down the edges.

Is live edge right for my home decor?

The belief that natural wood furniture is only meant for rural houses is no longer relevant. Live edge tables are a timeless design that will never go out of style, regardless of how often you redesign your home interior. These tables can be placed in any room, from country homes to contemporary spaces, and they will always look amazing. Wood creates an inviting atmosphere and live edge tables are perfect for adding a touch of whimsy. The organic shape speaks for itself and the natural tones complement any decor. If you’re keeping up with popular interior design trends, then you’ve probably noticed that live-edge furniture is becoming more and more common. This type of furniture features natural wood edges, which create a unique and rustic look.

Where do I find live edge furniture?

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The process of a live edge table

What is live edge furniture?