5 Common questions about live-edge furniture

5 Common questions about live-edge furniture

What is live-edge furniture?

The term “live edge” specifically refers to the shape of the wood’s edges. For furniture, this means that care is taken to preserve the bark and knots while ensuring a smooth surface overall. The result is rustic yet beautiful furniture showcasing hardwood’s natural beauty. Live edge furniture is made from wood that has not been cut in a straight line. Natural edge pieces are carefully handled to retain the shape of the tree’s natural edge, so a rustic, one-of-a-kind line emerges. Consequently, there will be width variations in the dimensions of live edge furniture. Countryside uses many types of wood for live edge furniture, but we commonly only use the rustic versions of Brown Maple, Cherry, and Walnut. Rustic in this context means that we do not get rid of sections of the tree that may have knots or varying colors. It is those variations that give each piece its character. Knots are always filled with epoxy so there is a smooth surface, but they remain visible through the top coat protecting it. 

Where Can I use Live-Edge furniture?

Visit our gallery of live edge and rustic furniture to find inspiration for dining tables, desks, bookshelves, pub tables, benches, chairs, and more. With no limits on where you can incorporate live edge pieces – the bedroom, living room, or home office – only your style will set boundaries for how you use a live edge in your space. Many of our live edge pieces would work well in a Modern or Contemporary styled setting, but a few could also be used to update a Mission or Shaker motif. With recent trends leaning towards industrial chic and incorporating nature into indoor living spaces, live edge furniture is perfect for both updating your home and office.

Why is Live Edge furniture so popular?

The defining characteristic of live edge furniture is that it is unique–you will never find two pieces that are the same. In addition, live edge furniture cries country charm while looking refined and upscale. 

How should I maintain my live-edge furniture?

Because moisture and scratches can damage live edge wood (as well as many other types of wood), we recommend using a microfiber towel to clean your pieces. Microfiber towels are extremely absorbent, softer than paper towels, and ideal for getting rid of dirt from small spaces.

Is live-edge furniture, durable?

Although they are classed as art, live edge tables aren’t as fragile as you might presume. The strength of a live edge table depends on the wood type used in its construction For example, a red oak table is more resilient than one made from cedar or pine. However, this doesn’t mean that your live edge table is indestructible; any wooden furniture can be damaged if it’s left exposed to moisture or high temperatures.

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